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The spa offers retail therapy with an array of organic Australian products to purchase. There is a diverse range of products from inner health and beauty elixirs to chakra balancing mists to active organic skincare and a men’s skincare range.

Organic Spa Facial >> 50 mins / $100
Purify, hydrate or soothe the complexion with a customised spa facial. Choose from:
Soothing Facial - Leaves the skin plump, refreshed and hydrated.
Hydrating Facial - Perfect for dry mature dehydrated skin types.
Purifying Facial - Deep cleansing to draw excess oil and impurities.
Organic Bio-Hydra Facial >> 50 mins / $110
A specialised mask infused with a unique formula of plant extracts, serums and Hyaluronic Acid is designed to lock moisture and actives into the skin for deep hydration. This facial soothes, cools and clarifies the complexion, while a pressure point massage relaxes tension held in the jaw and face.
Organic Ceutical Facial >> 50 mins / $100
Exfoliate, stimulate and brighten.
Blending AHA’s with enzymes, this bio-active peel is designed to refine and rejuvenate the skin. The gel peel has 13% highly active ingredients which provide intensive support for the skin’s regenerative processes. True skin revival.
Organic Deluxe Facial >> 80 mins / $150
Restore complexion balance with one of our deluxe customised facials. Choose from:
Detox Balancing Facial - A high potency mask, with kaolin and bentonite, promotes cell renewal to detoxify normal, combination and oily skin. Active ingredients reclaim skins healthy glow. Revitalise, clarify and cleanse.
Age Vita Renewal - Using a high concentration of vitamin C and E, this vitamin boost promotes cell renewal to restore clarity and youthful radiance to ageing and tired complexions. Replenish, restore and illuminate.
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