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Island Spa Escapes


Catering to couples, men, pregnancy, families, teenagers and the more mature aged guests, the Island Day Spa menu has a wonderful selection of spa escapes to suit anyone.

Spa Getaway >> 50 mins / $95
Express Massage | Express Facial
A vigorous workout for face and body, this speedy spa treat combines a massage in the areas where you need it most, along with an express facial, which offers an instant pick-me up to cleanse and rejuvenate any skin type. Ⓒ Ⓜ Ⓟ
Fraser Island Escape >> 50 mins / $95
Hot Stone Back Massage | Foot Massage | Scalp Treatment
Combining three favourites, this mind melting therapy begins with a hot stone massage, which gets right into the belly of tight back muscles, before a warm oil foot and scalp massage complete your trek to peace and bliss. Ⓒ Ⓜ
McKenzie Glow >> 50 mins / $110
Body Scrub | Warm Compress | Body Butter Massage
Indulge the senses with a full body exfoliation to cleanse, polish and reveal silky soft skin. Green tea and cucumber extracts blended with the wonderful aroma of tangerine, ylang ylang, geranium and lavender oils uplift and rejuvenate. Once removed, rich body butter is massaged into skin for long lasting hydration. Ⓒ Ⓜ Ⓟ
Detox Tonic >> 50 mins / $110
Lymphatic Skin Brushing | Detox Clay Wrap | Face Massage
An exfoliating body brush stimulates lymphatic drainage and prepares the skin for a warm clay wrap. Whilst cocooned in bliss, a facial massage dissolves mind chatter, while the detoxifying ingredients work with your circulation to assist in the removal of toxins and fluid retention, and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Ⓒ - Spa therapies that can be shared as a Couple.
Ⓜ - Spa therapies that are popular with Men.
Ⓟ - Spa therapies suitable for Pregnancy.

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