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Welcome to Fraser Island Day Spa

Inspired by golden sand dunes, crystal clear lakes and the wild beauty of sub-tropical rainforests, the Island Day Spa at Kingfisher Bay Resort, captivates the senses. Offering native healing philosophies amidst the purity and peace of Fraser Island’s environment, this unique Australian spa destination is one of a kind. The simple and refined elegance of the Island Day Spa merges with the natural beauty of the island habitat capturing a holistic sense of luxury and the true essence of 'island time'.

Tranquil Treatment Rooms

From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with calming aromas, soothing music and a nurturing feel that immediately puts you at ease... read more

Curated Spa Journeys, Rituals & Escapes

The spa menu offers an array of rituals, facials and massage services that are inspired by the natural beauty of Fraser Island and embody a variety of native healing philosophies... read more

Natural Australian Products

Using only natural Australian products and incorporating a holistic approach to wellness and healing, The Island Day Spa provides a sustainable sanctuary where you can rest, reflect and recover... read more

An Intimate Escape

Island Day Spa caters to couples, men, pregnancy, families, teenagers and the more mature aged guests.
Our spa menu has a wonderful selection of treatments to suit anyone.


From $90.00

Summer Glow and Light Feet are fantastic Summer Special Deals.


Body Scrub | Warm Compress
Body Butter Massage


Hot Stone Back Massage | Express Facial
Scalp & Foot Massage


To relax is to escape the world of busy; to spend time resting or doing things for pleasure;
to become less active and more calm and happy.

In our world of busy and sensory overload, true rest and restoration has become a lost art. The Island Day Spa offers a respite and an escape where every attention to detail has been carefully thought out to deliver the ultimate in relaxation.

The health benefits of being still are numerous. Spa treatments are very nurturing and calming to the mind and body. The power of touch and healing intention cannot be underestimated; and when coupled with natural products that carry the life force and essence of plants, the skin and soul is nourished in many ways.

Above all, the body and mind needs rest and a day spa has the ability to make that happen very quickly. We always recommend guests have a spa treatment at the beginning of their holiday so that they can unwind immediately and set the tone for their vacation.

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